Surrender Procedure


The following information is intended to help prepare you for the difficult decision of surrendering your pet.

Please be advised that in instances of extreme illness, humane euthanasia may be utilized at my discretion.

Basic Procedure:

1.) I will accept healthy animals if room is available

2.) I will only accept sick animals after review and on a case-by-case basis. If I cannot take your animal in, I will provide you with basic care information to help relieve your pet’s unhealthy situation. I will also recommend that you seek veterinary assistance immediately. If your animal is large or aggressive, I may not have proper caging for it. Ask - I will try to help wherever necessary. For those animals I am not able to take in, I can either put you in touch with someone who can, or, if you provide me with a photograph, and as much info as possible about it, I can help coordinate an adoption for you.

3.) I may require the enclosure that the pet was housed in; depending on the resources we have available at the time of surrender.

4.) All health records and other information that will help in caring for the animal.

5.) A completed copy of the Surrender Form.

6.) A $20 surrender donation (not required but appreciated). All donations are used to supplement the cost of a medical exam and any other care the reptile will receive prior to adoption. Donations are not mandatory. However, donations help me to continue to do what I do.

Please contact me at to coordinate a surrender.

Surrender Form

This is for you to preview, there is no need to print a copy of this form. It will be made available to you when you bring the animal to me.

Contact Information:




Work Phone:____________________________________

Home Phone:____________________________________

Cell Phone:____________________________________

Animal Information

In order for me to better understand your reptile and find a suitable home; please answer the following questions honestly:

Type and species of animal:___________________________________

Color and markings:_________________________________

Pet's name:____________________________________

Approximate age:___________________________


Where did you get your pet?______________________________________

Was the animal:    Captive bred     Don't know      Imported

Types of food given 


Please check all that apply:

Live feed

Frozen rodents

Fresh kill


Past and current health issues, injuries and special needs.



Please bring any veterinary records when surrendering your pet.

Surrender Authorization

I _________________________________________ certify that I am the owner/guardian of said animal and have complete authority to surrender said animal to Kristina Duda. I understand that I have given a nonrefundable donation of $________ to relinquish an animal to Kristina Duda. I hereby release possession, title and any claims to said animal to Kristina Duda and her representatives. I certify that I will not make any attempt to reclaim said animal at any point in the future. I understand that this is a legally binding document for the irrevocable surrender of said animal. Please read carefully before signing; this is an important decision. This form should not be signed until time of surrender and must be witnessed by Kristina Duda or one of her representatives. I have carefully read the preceding and agree to the conditions set forth on this _________ day of ______________________________, ____________.

Signature of Owner/Guardian: 


Witnessed by: