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Our Mission 


Our purpose is to educate the public on the level of commitment required for reptiles and amphibians, to rehabilitate animals that have been removed from the wild and return them to their natural habitat, to prevent pets from being abandoned in the wild causing the potential death of the pet and detriment to native species, and to provide homes that can adequately care for these animals.


Why is there a need to rescue 

reptiles and amphibians?


Sometimes, life gets the best of us.  Births, deaths, divorces, marriages, and financial disasters can change many aspects of our lives.  These situations can affect our ability to care for our much beloved pets.

Sometimes, we are not informed at the pet store that the cute little hatchling tortoise we are buying is going to turn into a one-hundred and fifty pound ramming machine.

Sometimes, we are not told that the cute little green lizard is going to grow to be over six feet long with razor sharp claws and an attitude to match.

If they live that long.

More often than not pet store owners and employees are not as knowledgeable as they should be about the species that they sell, and unfortunate owners end up with pets that they are not equipped to care for.  

Here at Northern Michigan Reptile and Amphibian Rescue, we can provide for your pet and find a forever home.

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