Meet Our Family!

***Sadly, we were forced to give up our small farm in Harrietta just over a year ago, and relocated to Cadillac, MI.  All of our family members have been dearly missed.  Econimic struggles and financial difficulties have affected everyone.  I have left this site up, as a memory to what we once had, and a dream of what we can be again some day.*** 

We are a small hobby farm in Harrietta, Michigan, which is just west of Cadillac in the Northern part of the lower peninsula. We have two young daughters, ages 5 and 8, who are as animal nuts as their mamma and love to help us spoil everyone.

To view photos of the family, please check out the links to the right.

Since this is my website, and I can, I am going to soapbox a little bit about responsible pet ownership.

I would like to give you some things to consider before you breed your horse or pony. Please ask yourself these questions:

Why do I want to breed? Is it just because I want a baby to raise and train? If so, please consider the costs of stud fees, mare care, and vet visits. To get a healthy baby on the ground, it can cost you upwards of $2000! Why not look for a foal that has the qualities that you want that is already on the ground? With market prices the way they are now, registered, good quality foals can be purchased for as little as $50.

What does my horse have to offer the breed? Is is conformationally correct? Does it have good bloodlines? Is it a proven breeder? If a stallion, does it have the "wow" factor? Does it have show points? Is it registered? If the answer to even one of these questions is no, do not breed! Responsible breeders raise horses that are an asset to their particular breed, not a burden. In fact, many many responsible breeders are putting their breeding programs on hold, due to the over population of horses in the US.

While it is not practical to have a mare spayed due to costs and risks, please make sure to have your mediocre, grade, mixed breed stallions gelded! Please do not add to the problems that we are already facing! Don't create more horses to suffer! It is the moral and responsible thing to do.

The horses thank you.

All of the things that I mentioned above can be applied to other pets. Dogs, cats, birds, even reptiles and amphibians are packed into animal shelters, euthanized by the thousands. Please spay and neutuer your dogs and cats, and don't needlessly breed animals JUST to make a profit. If you are a breeder, be a responsible breeder and provide a home for animals that you have bred whose owners can no longer care for them. Try to screen prospective homes, and educate your buyers.


Pictures of our farm and family.
Our Family.

Pictures of our reptiles, amphibians and other pets.
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