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Shirts featuring the NMRAAR logo are now available! Tank tops, tees, long-sleeved, sweatshirts, and hoodies - priced $15-27. $5 from every shirt sold directly benefits the rescue!

To order and for more information, visit:









I appreciate donated supplies, such as aspen bedding, Rubbermaid or Sterilite type storage tubs (work very well for aquatic turtles and young tortoises, sans lid, of course) clamp light fixtures, glass or acrylic aquariums 10 gallons and up, and tank lids and hoods.  The items I am in biggest need of at all times are water pumps and filters.


I do not have 501(3)c status, so donations are NOT tax deductible. 


If I do not need any items at the time of offer, I will let you know and put you in touch with organizations that may be in need.


Please help support the NMRAAR 2013 Pond and Greenhouse Project! All donations are extremely appreciated. Even small donations of $5-10 add up over time. To donate funds to support this project, use the link below to visit our FundRazr campaign. To donate supplies, our wishlist is available on Facebook.


NMRAAR 2013 FundRazr Campaign





Supplies Wishlist on Facebook