Coordinated Adoptions


For those animals I am not able to take in, if I am provided with a photograph, and as much information as possible about the animal, I can coordinate an adoption.  How this works is that while the pet stays in the possession of the owner, in order to be adopted my adoption application must be filled out and my contract signed.  If at any time the adopter is no longer able to care for the animal or shown to be an unfit caretaker, the animal will come to me rather than being returned to the original owner.  I have had great success placing animals in this manner.

I do not charge adoption fees for animals that I place through coordinated adoptions, and I do not allow the original owner to charge any fees.  This is not a sale, but rather a resource for re-homing pets that you can no longer care for.

Coordinated Success!


"I dropped my monitor off to Jeff yesterday.  Wow, he really has a lot of nice set-ups. I would like to thank you and say keep up the good work.  It really made it much easier giving him up to someone like Jeff who I'm sure will take good care of him.  I got to watch Tarzan explore his huge new home for the first time, and I could tell he was happy.  Thank you very much, now I don't feel so bad I had to give him up.

Thanks again,