Adoption Contract Preview


There is no need to copy and print this form. A copy of it will be made available to you before receiving an adopted pet.


This contract is made between Kristina Duda and the Adopter of record,



Home Phone:____________________________________________

Work Phone:____________________________________________

E-mail address:___________________________________________

Please notify me of any changes in contact information as they occur in the future.

1. I, Kristina Duda, (hereafter called KD) agree to give the Adopter title to, possession and control of the following animal for so long as the Adopter complies with the terms of this contract and has paid the
requested fees:

Type of animal:

• Lizard • Snake • Turtle • Tortoise • Amphibian


Pictures or identifying marks:

Sex (if known):

Age (if known):

Breeding permitted: NO

Adoption fee: $ Paid by (circle one): Cash     Check  #     Money Order  #

2. In return, as Adopter, I agree to the following for the animal adopted (initials indicate having read, understood, and agreed to the conditions below the initial):

INITIAL: ______________

A: To follow the rules and regulations promulgated by the city and county in which this animal will be housed, and that if permits or other permissions are required, I will obtain them and will be responsible for any expenses incurred in relation to the permit process.

INITIAL: ______________

B: To furnish the appropriate housing, food, water, light, heat, humidity, exercise and medical care to provide for this animal in a devoted and humane manner. To assure proper care, I have or will immediately purchase or otherwise acquire a book or other information to learn how to properly care for this animal. I further understand that if the animal I am adopting will be large when full grown, I will have to move this animal into housing large enough to properly accommodate the growing animal and its changing needs.

C: I specifically agree to keep this animal primarily as a household animal and to keep it within my control at all times. I understand that many snakes and lizards are able to escape from their housing; I will take particular care when housing such animal to ensure the enclosures are escape-proof and that, in the case of giant snakes and lizards, the room in which they are housed is secured against possible escape.

D: I specifically agree, except as otherwise provided for in Paragraph 3, that this animal will not be used for research or utilitarian or other purposes not consistent with maintaining this animal as a household animal.

INITIAL: ____________

E: To keep the animal until I decide to return it to KD or obtain permission from them to sell or trade it. The animal cannot be sold, traded, destroyed (except in cases of extreme medical conditions), abandoned or otherwise disposed of.

F: To return the animal to KD if, as Adopter, I no longer desire or am otherwise unable to keep the animal, and to not sell, trade, give away or abandon the animal. If the animal is lost, I shall notify KD expeditiously and make every effort to recover it. If the animal dies, KD is to be notified.

G: To allow KD at any time to investigate the premises where the animal is kept and to reclaim the animal if, in the judgment of the investigator, the animal is not being adequately cared for, if the Adopter has not complied with any provision of this contract, or if the Adopter has misrepresented any fact to KD. In the event that the Adopter fails or refuses to return such animal upon demand, the Adopter hereby agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees in the event an attorney in consulted or if suit is brought for the return of the animal.

H: To truthfully and completely answer any follow-up questionnaire which KD may send the Adopter regarding the animal, and to provide KD with changes of address, phone #, etc. as is reasonable.

3. To the best of KD’s knowledge, the physical condition of this animal at the time of adoption is:

• Healthy • Other/notes •

4. The adopter understands that any specified condition(s) listed above exists, and agree to be fully and financially responsible for the extra care and treatment, including veterinary and related expenses, this condition may now, and in the future, require.

5. The Adopter agrees to be solely and personally responsible for this animal and to indemnify and hold harmless KD from any and all claims of liability for the conduct or condition of this animal after the date of this adoption. Adopter further agrees that this indemnification and release of liability shall apply to all known, unknown and unanticipated damages resulting from this adoption, or the ownership or control of this animal.

INITIAL: _______________

8. The adopter of record agrees to periodically review new information about the particular species adopted. This includes areas on-line (Internet) as well as NEWLY published or revised books/magazine articles, etc. Examples:

* Websites or forums recommended by KD on a case to case (species to species) basis. The site addresses will be recorded here.


* A subscription to any of the leading herptile-oriented magazines such as Reptiles, etc.

9. Adopter agrees that if the animal adopted has not been approved for breeding purposes (see top of contract), that no such breeding shall occur; if breeding is done for medical reasons (i.e., preventing egg-impaction, etc.) that the resulting eggs shall be destroyed as soon as possible.

10. By signing below you are certifying that all the answers to the questions asked on the original adoption application are true to the best of your knowledge. Anything which is found to not be true may be cause for revoking the adoption agreement, and that the adopter would be responsible for costs involved in returning the animal to KD. Further, you certify that neither you nor any co-applicant, have ever been convicted of any crime relating to the abuse, cruelty, or neglect of another person or any animal. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign as an indication of their consent and willingness to care for the animal themselves if the need arises.

Signature: ________________________________________________


Date: ________________