Adoption Policies 


1. I will not adopt to minors. Adults - if you are applying for your child, please realize that I will be evaluating YOUR knowledge of the species during our application process. If you are not capable of caring for it yourself, I will not adopt to you.

2. I reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone. I am not a government agency, and can choose my adoptive homes by any means I decide to utilize.

3. Adoption fees vary from animal to animal. There are no "standard" fees, although most animals will range in the $5-100 range. My adoption fees will be based on many things: the retail value, the level of care it will need, vet treatment, and likelihood of finding a good home. Adoption fees are not final, and I can/will waive them if I deem it appropriate and necessary to placing the animal in the best home. In general, though - if you can't afford a minor adoption fee, it will certainly raise a question about your ability to care for the animal.

4. For those animals I am not able to take in, if I am provided with a photograph, and as much information as possible about the animal, I can coordinate an adoption.  How this works is that while the pet stays in the possession of the owner, in order to be adopted my adoption application must be filled out and my contract signed.  If at any time the adopter is no longer able to care for the animal or shown to be an unfit caretaker, the animal will come to me rather than being returned to the original owner.  I have had great success placing animals in this manner. 

5. My animals are generally intended to be adopted for purposes of being companion animals, not commercial breeders. They will have a strict "no-breeding" policy on them, unless special circumstances are recognized and agreed upon prior to adoption. The species that fall under the “no-breeding” policy include but are not limited to various large boids, crocodilians, iguanas, certain water turtle species, large tortoises, and some monitor species.

6. I require a legal, binding contract upon the adoption of any animal.

7. Anyone found to have placed false or misleading information on an application will be
red-flagged, and other reptile rescues will be notified of your dishonesty. I expect nothing but legitimate responses on my application.