About the Author

My name is Kristina, also known as Kyryah, (my internet alter-ego,) and I live in northern Michigan with my husband, two daughters and our family pets.  I have been interested in herpetoculture for many years, and while I give attention to the care and preservation of all species of reptiles and amphibians, my special love is tortoises. I know that with all of the conflicting information available and the complexity of caring for a tortoise, it can be very overwhelming for a new or prospective owner.  If at any time I can be of assistance, I urge you to contact me.  The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked, and in the end compromises the life of your tortoise.
Why "Kyryah?" I originally used the name in tribute to a friend who died in a car accident when I was quite young. After 14 years, it has kind of stuck.